On Main-Characters in the Runiverse

In the Weekly Wizard Workshop Episode 23 (S01) (https://open.spotify.com/episode/40SbGqOymB1KF1Ho0s63Ye?si=e604e546bfce4c04) , during a comparison of the WAGDIE Project and the Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult Project, renowned artist and inspirationalist ElfJTrul (our beloved lead-goat) answered a question by MeepleDad on “Wen Main-Character and Storyline” by saying that there is a host of shows and media expressions that don’t have a main-character, and that the Runiverse should like to be more as the Game of Thrones, where characters develop and there is never “one single” main character and one single story line. Well – in that I agree, but…
…I also disagree as I would go several (many) steps further into the mist. 
I believe that the view that “The Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles”, “Friends” or “Game of Thrones” are comparable, is far to narrow. Even tough you have multiple main characters in either of those outlets, they are still traceable and easy to follow. But the Runiverse is much, much vaster. The FRWC is not a Fantasy RPG project – or at least and at this point it evolved into something different. Something more.
In terms of lore and story telling I like to compare the Runiverse to the DC Universe – a realm full of possibilities that evolved and developed over a very long period of time, starting with a few main characters (Arrow, Flash, Superman, Sandman etc.) – in different cities and countries – that over time started to intertwine with each other (Star City, Central City, Atlantis, Gotham City). And there it didnt stop. The franchise spreads throughout time, dimensions and to alien worlds. Some characters grew to popularity and declined again to make room for others. Parallel worlds and the collapse of those. But all somehow connected or connectable with each other.
The Runiverse to me seems just as multi-lateral and multifaceted. Or even more so. There is a enormous host of characters to pick from (Wizards and Warriors, Souls and Ponies) and a map. But that is where the provided narrative stops. “Put your rune on the door!”, “Let your inner wizard out!”, “A reflection of the real world.” – Loose Guidelines, freedom – decentralized freedom, guided, but not steered.
Each holder and owner of such a character can basically create anything around it – not only narrative and lore. And it is not restricted to the realm of fantasy and role-play. Not even to the realm of the digital.
In the Runiverse everything is feasible and that is what makes it rather unique in the vast sea of NFT-Projects (or the ones i know of). The community of the Runiverse created and creates all kinds of wonderful things. Material and immaterial. Art, Music, Games, Apparel, Pots and Pans, Poems and perhaps pants! Subcultures like the Cucumdogs and the Hall of Cats that gather followers with common interests
But all of the created content has one thing in common – it revolves about a common understanding and feeling of belonging to the same thing – whatever that may be. Thus – lore in the Runiverse is creating itself by its community everyday. “Do you remember the Cucumland?” “Do you remember Wizzstock 2022?”, “Do you remember the Hall of Cats?” or “Do you remember the Party?” are only a few examples of the lore that was created by the FRWC without writing a single line. True lore.
And so I feel that every character and community member will have its chance to – at a given time – become an main character in the Runiverse. 
In Conclusio: If a community is to grow into something strong and unique you need to nourish it with ideas and inspiration, not with a linear and given storyline that someday will reach its single dimensional end. (Not saying that this is not the right thing for some kind of projects, but not for the community of FRWC) 
Put together: “Lore is at the core!”