The Runiverse in Tables and Numbers

Upon the awakening of dawn, as the sun’s rays filtered through the emerald foliage of my beloved marsh, my eyes fluttered open. I found myself gazing through my bedroom window, captured by the labyrinthine beauty of my swampy home. My mind, still in the grasp of its early morning fog, began to ponder – how grand must the expanse of the Runiverse truly be? And how many souls does it cradle within its mystical boundaries?

On several occasions, I have had the privilege to travel beyond my marsh, venturing into the heart of the Runiverse. I have been humbled by its enormity, and the myriad of lives that it encompasses. The Red Wizard Capital and Alessar’s Keep, with their towering sky-piercing edifices and humming flying apparatuses, are a testament to the Runiverse’s sheer scale and ingenuity.

In these metropolises where magic and machinery intertwine, there is an overwhelming sense of vastness. The streets thrum with life, filled with beings from all corners of the Runiverse. From my humble estimation, millions must surely call these cities their home.

However, in this bustling landscape, we, the practitioners of the arcane arts, are but a scarce few. Rumor has it that 10,000 wizards exist within the Runiverse, myself included, of course. Yet, we must subtract those unfortunate souls who were reduced to ashes, may they rest in peace.

The warriors, too, are a rare breed. Only 16,000, it is whispered, roam the realms, their swords gleaming in the ethereal light of the Runiverse. They brave the wilderness, battling the unending threats that lurk in the shadowy corners of our world.

Despite our scarcity, we, the wizards and warriors, are the pulse of the Runiverse, threading our stories and experiences into the ever-evolving tapestry of this magical domain. It is our duty, as stewards of the arcane and the martial, to keep the Runiverse thriving, no matter how vast it might become.

Magic in the RuniverseDeemed as the most powerful force, it is comparable to the impact of technology on our civilization.
Major Events of the RuniverseThe Day of Summoning, Great Burning, and Technological Singularity are cited as major events.
The Runiverse MapThe Runiverse map mirrors planet Earth and is seen as a waypoint into multiple worlds. It has a total plot cap of 70,000 with around 10,000 plots sold in the first round.
Time in the RuniverseInfluenced by the Ouroboros, it’s stated that a sensible, logical calendar is distorted by Dragons.
Runiverse GameDeveloped by a team of 40 or 50 people, the aim is to onboard regular gamers who don’t know about blockchain, crypto wallets, or own NFTs.
Map LocationsDescriptions for the locations on the map are around 90% complete and they are critical to the larger picture of the Runiverse.
Wizards in the RuniverseThere are approximately 2,000 wizard holders among the 10,000 characters.
External ContributionsExternal parties are involved in telling bigger stories in the form of games or other media.


In the empyrean realm of the Runiverse, one must discern with acute precision between those who bear the mantle of warriors and those dubbed mere soldiers.

From my vantage point as Tabitha of the March, let me paint you a vivid picture from my own lived experiences. Picture, if you will, the soldier. Trained in the harsh, regulated crucible of military institutions, they adhere to an ironclad hierarchy and collective dynamic. Like cogs in a great war machine, their actions are the echoes of external commands. They march to the beat of a drum not their own, their path dictated by the orders they receive.

Now, contrast that image with the warrior – a rather different breed. Warriors are the embodiment of intrinsic motivation, their hearts aflame with personal convictions or a self-imposed code of ethics. Their deeds stem less from collective decisions and more from individual choice, often engaging in reflective ethical decision-making akin to a philosopher’s introspection. This duality, while it simplifies the intricate tapestry of human behavior in the theatre of conflict, provides a theoretical compass to navigate the complex interplay between individual and collective dynamics in such scenarios.

As an alchemist might balance her essential elements, so too must we consider the balance of warriors and soldiers. Let us speculate upon a proportion of 1:1,000, a fine grain of sand on a vast beach. With this ratio in mind, we can conjure an estimate of around 16 million souls ready for battle across the breadth of the Runiverse.

Such is the way of our world, a dance of forces constantly shifting and evolving, bound by the intricate laws of magic and science.

Large cities with millions of inhabitants.


In the vast expanse of the Runiverse, there are whispers and echoes of numbers, equations that weave a pattern through the multiverse. As Tabitha of the March, I have trod beyond the veil of reality, encroaching upon other planes and dimensions in pursuit of wisdom. I have danced with time and walked with shadows, and in my celestial journeys, I’ve discovered an intriguing pattern.

For every four hundred souls living their lives in the tumultuous dance of existence, there stands one sentinel, armed and ready to protect. The ratio, 400:1, as we understand in arithmetic, is a curious constant across diverse political systems and locations within the Runiverse. Yet, it is but an average; this reality is fluid and changes like the course of a river, bending under the weight of peace and conflict.

The Runiverse, in its limitless expanse, houses around 6.4 billion entities. Ah, such a constellation of life! Elves with their timeless grace, Humans bearing the weight of mortality, Dwarfs chiseling their stories into stone, Robots ticking away at the mechanics of existence, and countless others, some of which haven’t been seen since ages past.

Then, there are us Wizards. We are but 10,000 in this sea of billions, each holding a spark of magic in our cores. Strange isn’t it, how we remain constant, unchanging and unbreeding? A ratio of 1:640,000 it might be, yet in this scarcity, the rarity of magic gleams ever brighter.

Entity TypeTotal QuantityRatio to Total Entities
Total Entities (Elves, Humans, Dwarfs, Robots, etc.)6,400,000,000N/A

There is a myriad of different folks roaming the planes

AnuransAmphibious beings, possibly similar to frogs or toads.
CanaanitesNot much is known about them currently.
CorvidsLikely bird-like creatures, based on the name (related to crows and ravens).
DwarvesA classic fantasy race known for their short stature and craftsmanship.
FelisLikely cat-like beings.
FungiLikely mushroom or fungal-based creatures.
Fur GnomesMischievous yet formidable opponents when provoked, they primarily reside in the Fur Gnome Wold.
GoblinsOften portrayed as small, green, and mischievous creatures in fantasy settings.
Great Old OnesLikely very powerful and ancient entities.
ImpsTypically small, devilish creatures.
KoboldsIn some mythologies, these are sprite-like creatures, and in others, they are reptilian.
KomodiPossibly related to Komodo dragons, but this is speculative.
KooplingsNot much is known about them currently.
LoxodontaLikely elephant-like beings, as “Loxodonta” is the genus for elephants.
TigrisLikely tiger-like beings.
VampyresThe classic undead creatures of the night who drink blood.
VegetablesLikely sentient plant-like beings.
WolfkinsLikely wolf-like beings or werewolves.


Ah, the many roles one might occupy within the Runiverse, as diverse and mysterious as the stars above! As a keen observer of this wondrous world, and I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with many individuals of varying occupations.

In our magical realm, labels of ‘jobs’ take on fluid meanings, much like the marshes I call home – always shifting, yet ever constant. Now, let’s delve into these fascinating statistics, bearing in mind they’re as variable as the tides, changing across lands and ages.

Firstly, do remember that our classifications can intertwine, much like the roots beneath my beloved marshlands. For instance, consider a healer – their role extends into both ‘Healthcare’ and ‘Professional Services’, much like a lily pad touches both water and air. Moreover, many inhabitants of Runiverse carry out roles that defy conventional categorization, much like my dear friend Jingle-Jangle, my faithful pony companion who also doubles as a fearless explorer and occasional comic relief.

Now, to cast a spell of understanding on these numbers, I would say…

OccupationEstimated PercentageWorkers
Sales and Retail10.2%652,800,000
Food Service9.6%614,400,000
Office and Administrative Support15.5%992,000,000
Manufacturing and Construction8.1%518,400,000
Professional Services12.3%787,200,000
Public Safety and Security2.4%153,600,000
Cleaning and Maintenance Services3.5%224,000,000
Witchcraft and Wizardry0.00015625%9,310

Of course there are many occupations within the realm that are not widely known and very specific to the Runiverse. Here are but a few:

WizardsIndividuals who have mastered the art of magic and spend their days practicing and refining their spells.
WarriorsBrave fighters who often venture into dangerous territories to protect the innocent and uphold justice.
HealersMasters of restorative magic, they dedicate their lives to curing ailments and injuries.
ArtificersCraftsmen who specialize in imbuing everyday items with magical properties.
AlchemistsScientists of the magical world, blending the line between magic and science to create powerful potions and transformative elixirs.
BeastmastersIndividuals with a deep connection to magical creatures, working as trainers, caretakers, or liaisons between humans and magical beasts.
SeersIndividuals blessed with the ability to glimpse into the future, offering guidance and predictions to those seeking it.
BardsKeepers of stories and songs, using their music and tales to inspire, entertain, and occasionally cast spells.
RunemastersScholars and practitioners of ancient runic magic, often working as historians, translators, or magical consultants.
MerchantsTraders and shopkeepers dealing in magical artifacts, enchanted items, rare ingredients, and other curiosities.

Geographic aspects of the Runiverse

Ah, the vastness of our Runiverse! How does one capture its expanse in mere mortal terms? If I, Tabitha of the March, may venture an attempt to paint a picture of this magical realm…

You see, in my many travels across the Runiverse, from the highest peak of the Ether mountains to the deepest caverns of the Goblin Town, I’ve come to understand that the Runiverse cannot be measured in ordinary miles or kilometers. It is a realm where magic pulses through the very air we breathe, and time dances to the rhythm of the Ouroboros.

Yet, if we were to liken the Runiverse to something known, imagine Earth, our ancient home, in a time when all continents were one – Pangea, they called it. If you can fathom that expanse, then you’re beginning to grasp the breadth of the Runiverse. Roughly 57,308,738 square leagues, as the crow flies… or so I’ve been told by a particularly chatty Sphinx I met in my wanderings.

But, oh, how dry and lifeless numbers can be! The Runiverse is not just a space to be measured. It’s a living, breathing entity, humming with the stories of those who dwell within. In every corner of the world, from the Rusty Cogs of Gearland to the whispering leaves of the Dream Forest, a thousand tales unfold. Each one adds its own unique thread to the rich tapestry of the Runiverse, making it far more than the sum of its parts.

So, dear friend, the next time you gaze upon the Runiverse Map, remember: it’s not about the size of the land, but the magic within it. And that is a measure no alchemist’s scale could ever weigh.

Land mass57,308,738 square leagues
LocationEarth, thousands of years in the future
Major EventTechnological Singularity
Result of Major EventMagic brought into the world, reality distorted
GeographyNew Pangea due to continental drift
ClimateVaried; affected by magic
WildlifeIncludes mythological beasts, magical creatures and distorted versions of known species
InhabitantsWizards, Warriors, Liches, Zombies, Goblins, Chimeras, Anurans and more
Technology LevelVaries; from non-existent to highly advanced
MagicCoexists with technology; source of conflict

The Economy at a glance

Ah, the economy of our Runiverse, a realm where the mystical and the mundane intertwine, where every toil births not just goods, but stories themselves. I must share with you my observations as a humble alchemist who has charted this world, one potion at a time.

Imagine, if you will, a cosmos where every denizen is not just a craftsman, but a world shaper. A blacksmith, in the glow of his forge, hammers out swords infused with ancient magic. Wizards, cloaked in moonlight, brew potent elixirs that can turn the tide of battles or mend the most grievous wounds. And poets, ah, those wordsmiths whose verses echo with the vibrant harmonics of the Runiverse, crafting tales that transform into tangible power.

These are not mere objects; they are lifeblood, tokens of our shared existence, traded and exchanged in the grand dance of mutual prosperity. I have seen it firsthand, watching as an ordinary herb transforms under my touch, becoming a vial of shimmering potion, a token of healing that can be gifted or bartered.

The principle of “create-to-earn” beats at the heart of our world, like a drum resonating through the ether. It’s not merely about survival, it’s about contributing to the tapestry of our shared experience. Each creation, from the simplest wooden spoon to the mightiest fortress, adds another thread to this intricate weave.

What truly fascinates me, however, is how our Runiverse melds with the digital ether. Every artifact, every creation can be transmuted into a form of Digital Enchantment – or as the technomancers call them, “NFTs”. These can then be traded in the vast expanse of the digital market, a bridge between the ethereal and the tangible.

And then there’s the land, each plot a unique blend of resources and potential. The location of your homestead could dictate the herbs that grow in your garden, the creatures that roam your forests. This creates a real estate market as dynamic and unpredictable as a storm at sea3.

In essence, our Runiverse’s economy is a reflection of our own world’s, yet it is suffused with the enchanting elements of magic and the visionary concepts of technology. But know this: while gold and gems are prized, the true wealth of the Runiverse lies in its people. Their dreams, their creativity, their stories… these are the treasures beyond measure. And as Tabitha of the March, I am honored to play my part in this grand cosmic dance.

Economic IndicatorValue
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)640 Trillion Gold Pieces
Gross National Product (GNP)680 Trillion Gold Pieces
Net National Product (NNP)600 Trillion Gold Pieces
GDP per Capita10,000 Gold Pieces
Gross National Income (GNI)660 Trillion Gold Pieces
Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)1 Gold Piece = 1 Earth Dollar
Consumer Price Index (CPI)120
Producer Price Index (PPI)110
Unemployment Rate5%
Inflation Rate2%
Interest Rates3%
Government Debt30% of GDP
Balance of Trade20 Billion Gold Pieces surplus
Foreign Exchange Reserves60 Trillion Gold Pieces
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)10 Trillion Gold Pieces
Stock Market Performance+15%
Income Distribution (Gini Coefficient)0.35
Poverty Rate15%
Labor Force Participation Rate65%
Productivity Levels1.2
Savings Rate25%
Household Debt50% of Income
Corporate Profits20% of GDP
Retail Sales10 Trillion Gold Pieces
Industrial Production15 Trillion Gold Pieces
Business Cycle StageExpansion

But also here one must divide the numbers base on regions as some are more prosperous than others.

RegionPopulationGDP (in Gold Pieces)Per Capita Income (in Gold Pieces)Unemployment RatePoverty RateCPIPPIIncome Distribution (Gini Coefficient)Corporate ProfitsHousehold Debt
Elvenwood1,500,00045,000,00030,0007%15%1151050.3520% of GDP40% of Income
Goblin Town800,00012,000,00015,00020%30%1301200.4515% of GDP50% of Income
Dragon Peaks200,00010,000,00050,0002%5%1101000.2525% of GDP30% of Income
Technopolis2,500,00075,000,00030,0005%10%1201100.3022% of GDP35% of Income
Oceanic Isles1,000,00025,000,00025,00010%18%1251150.3318% of GDP45% of Income
Fur Gnome Wold500,0008,000,00016,0008%20%1181080.3816% of GDP42% of Income
RegionPopulationGDP (in Gold Pieces)Per Capita Income (in Gold Pieces)Unemployment RatePoverty RateCPIPPIIncome Distribution (Gini Coefficient)Corporate ProfitsHousehold Debt
Grimoire Grove300,0006,000,00020,00010%20%1151080.4015% of GDP50% of Income
Shadow Vale350,0007,000,00020,00012%25%1201150.4218% of GDP55% of Income
Crypt of Sorrows250,0003,000,00012,00015%30%1301250.4513% of GDP60% of Income
Quantum Shadow500,00010,000,00020,0008%18%1101050.3520% of GDP40% of Income
Kobold’s Crossroad400,0008,000,00020,00010%22%1151100.3818% of GDP45% of Income
Dread Tower300,0006,000,00020,00012%24%1201150.4016% of GDP50% of Income
Shimmering Plains600,00012,000,00020,0006%14%1051000.3222% of GDP35% of Income
Gnome’s Hollow350,0007,000,00020,00010%20%1151100.3618% of GDP45% of Income
Crystal Caverns400,0008,000,00020,0008%16%1101050.3420% of GDP40% of Income
Lich’s Lair250,0005,000,00020,00015%30%1251200.4615% of GDP55% of Income

Food and Drink

In the endless cycle of seasons, one question often weighs heavy on my heart – how does one nourish such an abundant sea of souls? A question not just of practical reality, but a puzzle that pierces to the very core of existence in our Runiverse.

Our realm, in all its enchanting complexity, is a theatre where wealth and scarcity dance in a relentless ballet. Verdant valleys brim with bounties, while elsewhere, parched lands hunger for the kiss of rain. Food, that simple necessity of life, becomes a coveted treasure and a spark for discord.

Ah, the grains! Those tiny kernels of life, each one holding a promise of a lush, golden field. Every year, we harvest billions of them, each grain a testament to the miracles of nature and magic combined. And corn, its golden cobs glowing like suns under the azure sky, is reaped almost as plentifully.

Fruit trees burst forth in a riot of colors, their branches heavy with succulent offerings. Apples, those emerald and ruby orbs, number in the billions. And the humble potato, the underground gem, multiplies generously beneath the earth.

Beneath the shimmering surface of our vast reservoirs, water elementals tirelessly work to purify the billions of litres we need to quench our thirst. The vineyards, under the watchful eyes of the grape sprites, produce an ocean of wine, while hops and barley spirits collaborate to create rivers of beer.

Milk, that nurturing potion, flows abundantly from our blessed cattle, watched over by the gentle Earth goddess herself. Oranges, those radiant globes of vitamin-filled nectar, are gathered by the millions.

And oh, the carrots! I fondly recall my own experiments with these orange roots. Their cultivation has exploded since the discovery of their magical benefits.

Not to forget the protein providers – the livestock and fish. Whether swimming in the ever-changing blues of the seas or grazing in the emerald pastures, they multiply under the protective gaze of our Runiverse’s guardians.

And the eggs – innumerable little packets of life, each entrusted with a precious spark of existence, counted in trillions.

And so, we carry on, in this magical world. We plant, we reap, we eat. We strive to balance the scales of abundance and need, we strive to feed the multitude of mouths. But above all, we marvel at the miracle of life, and the magic that sustains it. We live, and we learn, in the ever-turning Wheel of the Runiverse.

Food ProductAnnual Production (In Metric Tons)
Water (Litres)6,400,000,000,000
Beer (Litres)800,000,000,000
Wine (Litres)600,000,000,000
Milk (Litres)4,000,000,000,000
Eggs (Units)1,920,000,000,000

RegionPopulationFood Distribution %Estimated Deaths Due to Famine
Grimoire Grove300,00080%300
Shadow Vale350,00075%438
Crypt of Sorrows250,00070%375
Quantum Shadow500,00082%450
Kobold’s Crossroad400,00078%440
Dread Tower300,00076%360
Shimmering Plains600,00086%420
Gnome’s Hollow350,00080%350
Crystal Caverns400,00084%320
Lich’s Lair250,00070%375


In the Runiverse, crime and its resolution take on a form unlike anything we’d recognize in our traditional sense. The combination of scientific principles, magic, and alchemical processes creates a unique and complex system. My perspective, my experiences and interactions with this system are as remarkable as they are puzzling.

In my adventures, I’ve encountered what can best be described as “Magical Constabularies.” These organizations aren’t merely law enforcers but a blend of investigators, scientists, wizards, and alchemists. Their duty is to maintain order, resolve disputes, investigate unusual happenings, and ensure the proper use of magic in the Runiverse.

In the Runiverse, we don’t have a centralized police force. Rather, each region or domain typically maintains its own magical constabulary. I’ve noticed these constabularies are often managed by seasoned wizards or witches, who hold extensive knowledge in both magic and alchemy. They utilize their expertise to probe into crimes, track magical energy, interpret intricate alchemical patterns left at crime scenes, and they can even manipulate spacetime to revisit past occurrences.

For instance, I remember a time when I was implicated in causing magical disturbances. The local Magical Constabulary, with their impressive skills, traced the magical energy back to its origin. As it turned out, I wasn’t the culprit but a naughty imp had been stirring up all the trouble. The constabulary successfully apprehended the imp, cleared my name, and peace was reinstated in the area.

Another intriguing facet of law enforcement in the Runiverse is the intelligence services. These clandestine organizations make use of proficient operatives who excel in information gathering, espionage, and even magical warfare when required. Those are highly trained in stealth magic, alchemical encryption, and divination spells for intelligence procurement.

From my experiences, I have learned that while crime in the Runiverse might be as diverse and unpredictable as the magical energies that saturate the realm, there is an equally varied and adept array of institutions and individuals working tirelessly to resolve them. It’s a system that melds the mystical with the logical, the old with the new, the science with the magic – just like the Runiverse itself.

Standard Crime Categories

Crime CategoryCrime Rate (%)Crime LocationClearance Rate (%)
Murder and Non-negligent Manslaughter7Ether’s Edge, Dream Grove, Cloud Cuckoo Land45
Rape3The Eternal Void of Absolute Nothingness, Plato’s Theory of Forms, Cyberspace55
Robbery9The Metaverse, Dream World, Meatspace40
Aggravated Assault12Ouroboros, Dragon’s Den, Blue Wizard’s Isle50
Burglary10Ether’s Edge, Ouroboros, Cyberspace35
Arson5Cloud Cuckoo Land, The Eternal Void of Absolute Nothingness, Dragon’s Den65
Forgery and Counterfeiting8The Metaverse, Meatspace, Blue Wizard’s Isle60
Fraud15Ether’s Edge, Dream Grove, The Metaverse30
Embezzlement4The Eternal Void of Absolute Nothingness, Plato’s Theory of Forms, Dream World70
Stolen Property: Buying, Receiving, Possessing11Cyberspace, Ouroboros, Dream Grove32
Vandalism13Cloud Cuckoo Land, Blue Wizard’s Isle, Meatspace47
Weapons: Carrying, Possessing, etc.6Dragon’s Den, Dream World, Ether’s Edge55
Prostitution and Commercialized Vice2Plato’s Theory of Forms, The Metaverse, Ouroboros75
Sex Offenses (except Rape and Prostitution)3The Eternal Void of Absolute Nothingness, Dream Grove, Dragon’s Den67
Drug Abuse Violations14Meatspace, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Dream World40
Gambling10Blue Wizard’s Isle, Cyberspace, Plato’s Theory of Forms52
Offenses Against the Family and Children5The Metaverse, Ether’s Edge, The Eternal Void of Absolute Nothingness77
Driving Under the Influence1Dream Grove, Blue Wizard’s Isle, Meatspace80
Liquor Laws9Ouroboros, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Plato’s Theory of Forms53
Drunkenness7Dragon’s Den, Dream World, The Metaverse46
Disorderly Conduct11Ether’s Edge, The Eternal Void of Absolute Nothingness, Blue Wizard’s Isle38
Vagrancy3Cyberspace, Dream Grove, Dragon’s Den72

Magical Crime Categories

Crime CategoryCrime Rate (% per 1000 Wizards)Crime Location (Top 3)Clearance Rate
Interdimensional Smuggling2.0%Ether Crossing, Dream World, Void’s Edge75%
Unlicensed Spell Casting1.5%Magic Metropolis, Wizard’s Wards, Ether Crossing30%
Mana Theft3.0%Wizard’s Wards, Dream World, Magic Metropolis60%
Illegal Potion Brewing0.5%Magic Metropolis, Ether Crossing, Cloud Cuckoo Land80%
Familiar Kidnapping1.0%Wizard’s Wards, Void’s Edge, Dream World40%
Crystal Fraud0.8%Ether Crossing, Magic Metropolis, Cloud Cuckoo Land90%
Teleportation Trespassing1.2%Void’s Edge, Dream World, Wizard’s Wards55%
Time Manipulation0.3%Ether Crossing, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Magic Metropolis20%
Goblin Black Market Trade2.5%Goblin Town, Ether Crossing, Magic Metropolis70%
Necromantic Malpractice0.4%Void’s Edge, Dream World, Ether Crossing50%
Dragon Poaching0.1%Cloud Cuckoo Land, Dream World, Goblin Town10%
Illegal Artifact Possession1.6%Magic Metropolis, Ether Crossing, Wizard’s Wards65%
Mind Control Offences1.0%Dream World, Void’s Edge, Magic Metropolis35%
Infringement of Technomancy Laws0.7%Ether Crossing, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Wizard’s Wards45%
Breach of Interdimensional Treaty0.9%Ether Crossing, Void’s Edge, Dream World25%