Tales from the Tavern

As MeepleDad strides through the Runiverse he meets wizards and warriors alike and invites them to the Forgotten Tavern to have a talk about this and that. Through magical devices these talks are written to the audio book of lore and brought to the world as the “Tales from the Tavern“.

Every once and a while one of these tales will reach the world of wizards and warriors for all to hear and listen to and wonder in surprise about the wisdom spoken. 

(The original source can be found at https://anchor.fm/meeplemeetups/

Episode 4

…where Givahoot shares insights on his game “Runes” and the proposal to the DAO

Episode 3

…where Tabitha (OH, THATS ME!!) talk about web3, creatokia.com and raising a family.

Episode 2

…where Elf talks about decentralized world building!

Episode 1

…where MeepleDad and Two Crows talk parenting, gold, making stuff and more!